Phil Hendrie adds 23 affiliates

Talk Radio Network – FM’s The Phil Hendrie Show continues to increase affiliates; announcing the addition of 23 new affiliates in recent months.  The Phil Hendrie Show also recently announced that the all-star cast of fictional characters, all of whom Hendrie plays on air, has returned.  The Phil Hendrie Show’s original brand of radio theater is unmatched in the industry with nearly 100 affiliates across the nation, 17 in the top 25 metro markets.

TRN-FM’s The Phil Hendrie Show’s new affiliates include:  KTNI, Denver, CO; WBCN, Charlotte, NC; WQRT, Cincinnati, OH; WKRS, Chicago, IL; KKAT, Salt Lake City, UT; KPWT, San Antonio, TX; WAMT, Orlando, FL; WLRS,  Louisville, KY; KJLL, Tucson, AZ; KJZN, Fresno, CA; WMCR and WFBL simulcast from Syracuse, NY; WNBU, Greenville, NC; WAVH, Mobile, AL; KIOV, Boise, ID; WPLZ, Chattanooga, TN; WNRR, Augusta, GA; KKFT, Reno, NV; WZAN, Portland, ME; KBBO, Yakima, WA; WTBC, Tuscaloosa, AL; KZYM, Joplin, MO and WWJB, Brooksville, FL.

“Phil is the master of satire and always delivers a pay off, which brings perspective on important issues of the day. He truly is a genius at his art form,” says TRN-FM CEO, Mark Masters, “There’s an enormous talk radio audience at night that not only wants the news and information, they want the explanation.”

The Phil Hendrie Show was the #1 ranked talk show in its daypart for over two years in LA.  The show became nationally syndicated in 1999 and was heard on over 100 stations around the country prior to Hendrie taking a brief hiatus from radio to pursue television and movie projects.

Read the entire article here Radio Business Report/Television Business Report – Voice of the Broadcasting Industry.

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