The Phil Hendrie Show “Classic” Podcast Finally on iTunes

Phil Hendrie has been promising an iTunes podcast for years, and he has finally delivered. The Phil Hendrie Show “Classic” podcast was posted on his web site in August, and he was calling it an “iTunes” podcast, but it was not available on iTunes. Now it has been added to iTunes, and you can Subscribe Here

If you haven’t heard the podcast, each episode runs about 6 minutes, and combines a short clip from a past show and a few minutes of new commentary from Phil. It’s a great concept, but the result hasn’t been great. The first problem is, the clips are way too short. Longtime fans have probably heard most of these bits over over again, but for newer fans the clips aren’t long enough to be funny. You need to hear the setup, for most of the great lines to really work. The newly added commentary is good, but could be longer and more in-depth.

When the podcast launched, Phil promised three episodes a week. So far there have been 17 episodes in 10 weeks, less than promised, but not bad (considering Phil’s track record).

If you’re a fan of the show, it’s worth checking out. The Phil Hendrie Show “Classic” Podcast on iTunes

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  • Anonymous

    6 minutes with him explaining the jokes instead of playing them? That does exactly nothing for me.

    If he’s calling that pathetic effort a podcast, I’ll just continue to be an ex fan.

  • Blakemac

    I agree with your assessment Justin.

  • MongoChow

    PAY APPLE? WTF? I’ll just break out all the stuff he gave away on his website when he ‘retired’. Phil dumped TONS of stuff for free on his website’ and I had the foresight to download it while it was avaiable Better yet, download -radiotime- software 4 free and record the affiliate’s live stream onto your hard drive. Listen when you want, save or dump it. Kinda like when I used to record KMET on the cassette recorder a long time ago. I recorded lots of early KFI stuff on VHS tapes including day one when he bumped Mr. KFI from the time slot (Shaq O’neil interview). There’s hours of stuff I haven’t even listened to yet, when he was consistently funny. itunes? I’d rather hump a goat!

  • Swingpole

    nothing in a week